Thursday, September 23, 2010

Retreat Nundle

Fantastic time at the retreat.  There were 12 of us likeminded quilters there for my third year, some of the ladies have been going for 10 years.  Arrived Tuesday nite after a long drive (6 1/2hours) mind you the trip involved many quilt stores and antique stores.  You never know what might be in towns that you normally do not visit.  Great time catching up with friend most of not seen for the past twelve months.  Many quilts to look at (eye candy).  Wednesday morning saw us all machines in hand at the Cottage on the Hill to commence our 2 day retreat.  Choosing quilt pattern and fabrics next on the agenda.  Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch provided, also all cutting done by owner.  12 machines buzzing, if we knew what a sweat shop was, I am sure the sound would have been similiar.  Lots of broken needles, unpicking, stalling with that cuppa.  Wednesday went past too quickly, so out for dinner and home to chat again into the late hours.  Thursday, saw us all back, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Normally, finish top in two days, but this year put myself to the test and attempted a more difficult one.  Day flew, and next thing we were packing up and purchasing those must have materials for the stash.  A delicious dinner at a restaurant, more chatting then off to bed.  Friday morning farewells, making sure our booking for next year in place and off again on the trip home, with stops for lunch.  Home at around dinner time, where did the days go? I know half finished quilt top, and the great fabrics to sort into bins at home.  Oh well there is next year.

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  1. Sonds like a fantastic trip. You're the 2nd person in a week that has told me how much FuN retreats are...perhaps I should go on one. Thanks for sharing.