Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hope you all enjoyed NY's eve, ours was very quiet as the family still in the US. Managed to catch the 9pm fireworks on the TV from Sydney. Then just watched a little more and played some more on my new toy, I am using it now. Took a bit of convincing but now I am hooked. Have been repurposing furniture over the last few days & am covered in paint. I forgot to take before pictures but when they dry will take the afters. Lots of things have changed I have now joined facebook, aso an iPad junkie. Hope everyone had a great Xmas & that the NY brings you Ll you wish for and more. See you again in 2012

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just a quick post for Xmas

I have not posted for a while as I have been very busy, with grandchildren, health etc.  I have managed to keep up with all my swaps but apart from that very little sewing.  My illness causes me a lot of pain so sitting at the machine has been a problem.  Never mind next year will be better.  I have been following everyones adventures on their blogs and am very envious of all your achievements.  I have got a little caught up with some blogs from the USA as they hit on my other love, updating furniture etc.  I know some of you like the shabby chic look like I do, so if you have several hours, just log onto one and you will be kept busy for a long time just dropping by.

Unfortunately, my family will be leaving for USA on Sunday, we were going to go with them, but we have had such a big year, we decided to stay home.  We will travel for a short time mid next year, I am still envious as they are spending 10 days in one of my favourite cities  New York and then onto Disneyland.  They are stopping by San Diego so I have given them instructions to the most fantastic outlet shopping I have every seen.  The area is as big as most of our large centres here,

Well better go, it is the day I have the grandkiddlies and they want to go to the pond and feed the swans and ducks.

Everyone have a great Xmas and New Year and keep on stitching.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time Passes Quickly - & Testing

It seems like long yesterday but this is the photo of the chocolate smorgasboard on our recent trip.  Not many calories in this one.  As you can gather I have just got my camera fixed so here goes.  Hopefully this will publish well.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am keeping my promise

Last week when I blogged I said I would try once a week.  Well what a week, my quilting buddy from Byron came down to visit DD.  As her DD works most days we were able to visit all the quilt shops and Op shops, not something my DD's are interested in.  I saw a blog today the House that Bargains Built & I am wondering if I should change to the "House that OP shops, Garage Sales" helped to furnish. I have been looking at Melody's blog and she has some fab pictures of her ideal room.  I am in the process of trying to create mine.  On Friday my BF and I went to the Canberra Craft and Quilt Fair.  It was great nearly every stall I knew in smaller version and lots of near local and local ones.  I went with the quilters thought "I really do not need anything" but  came back with lots.  The camera is still not working but when it is, I will show and tell.  I found the smaller craft fair easier to negoitate, therefor easier to spend money.  As usual the food outlets let themselves down.  I bought patterns, lace, cutters and came away with lots of ideas to put into practice.  I have joined a group and everything is going well.  I have enjoyed reading everyones blogs and being in awe.  Well hopefully will have pictures next time until then.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I am now blogging again

So much has happened since I last blogged that I have been stuck with what to say.  Maybe start with March 2011 went on a cruise to Hawaii, put house on market for auction, did not sell so are now renting it out, moved to Canberra, rented daughters town house for six weeks, bought new house, moved into new house. Things I think are finally back to normal.  I have had great pleasure in reading everyone's blogs and have been so impressed by the wonderfull array of projects on the go, or completed.  Have managed to keep up to date with my block swaps.  That is a positive.  Have fully unpacked sewing room.  Now have a large room, do not know how I coped with the space before.

Today have had a friend down from Byron Bay for the week and have had fun showing her around, and looking forward to the Canberra Craft Fair this week.

I am so thankful to all my swap partners, and Sue and Crafty for at least keeping me on the straight and narrow with the swaps.  My camera has had a hissy fit but is being fixed as we speak so I hope all the pictures will be available next week.

Glad to be back.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Two Blogs in One

Two Blogs in One

I do not know what has happened but bloth my blogs seemed to have joined together.  Isn't it wonderful news about thenew baby girl.  I bet we are all waiting to hear the name for the new puglet. 
I am so pleased we now have a proper date for our final and I mean final house move.  We settle on 10 June so I will have a proper sewing room etc.  As you can see from The Pond Quilters site I am trying to set up my own teaching class here.  I have not been able to find any fellow quilters so I am hoping something comes of it. 
I have caught up on all my swaps etc. and look forward to the coming year.

Has anyone set up their own quilting class, if so how did you go about it.  I would love any hints and ideas.

Thanks Larain

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hi from Canberra, have finally got a moving date 10 June, last move I hope.