Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am keeping my promise

Last week when I blogged I said I would try once a week.  Well what a week, my quilting buddy from Byron came down to visit DD.  As her DD works most days we were able to visit all the quilt shops and Op shops, not something my DD's are interested in.  I saw a blog today the House that Bargains Built & I am wondering if I should change to the "House that OP shops, Garage Sales" helped to furnish. I have been looking at Melody's blog and she has some fab pictures of her ideal room.  I am in the process of trying to create mine.  On Friday my BF and I went to the Canberra Craft and Quilt Fair.  It was great nearly every stall I knew in smaller version and lots of near local and local ones.  I went with the quilters thought "I really do not need anything" but  came back with lots.  The camera is still not working but when it is, I will show and tell.  I found the smaller craft fair easier to negoitate, therefor easier to spend money.  As usual the food outlets let themselves down.  I bought patterns, lace, cutters and came away with lots of ideas to put into practice.  I have joined a group and everything is going well.  I have enjoyed reading everyones blogs and being in awe.  Well hopefully will have pictures next time until then.


  1. craft fairs are so dangerous! ours is coming up in november and i am saving my pennies so i can splurge! looking forward to seeing some of your creations soon

  2. Hi Larain
    You have not swapped with us in quite some time, I wondered what had happened to you. let me know if you want to start swapping again, so glad to have found you again , Hugs Sue