Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh Dear is it just me???????

I read everyone's blogs and am amazed at the wonderful setups most have.  I to date have not been able to get there.  This is on the agenda for next week.

Anyway for my week,  I have nearly completed some of my UFO's and have promised myself "nothing new" (I say this with my fingers crossed behind my back),  After my week away, I have come back all enthused.  One of my neighbours has kindly been walking my Labby as I am unable to (not an age thing, but a health thing).  I made her a dog cushion with doggie print and her dogs initial on it.  If I could only get the camera to work as well.  Never mind, I am sure all things will sort out in the future.  I am  now off to cut the pieces for a friends quilt for her granddaughter.  Her husband and her own their own farm, so I help out by cutting for her, as she really does not have the time.  She pays me in passionfruit, YUM.  Great barter system, I would do it anyway. 


  1. Thank you Larain for your kind words on my blog

  2. hi larain! i've found your blog!!! yay!!! looking forward to following your adventures