Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We have finally landed

Since my last blog way back when, we have done heaps.  Firstly, decided to move to be closer to grandkiddlies.  This involved getting lots of trademen in to do those things we would get around to.  Had already booked holiday to Hawaii we left on 18 March and got back on 12 April.  House went to auction on 16 April, (did not sell) but these things happen.  Packers moved in on 18 April, Moving van arrived 19 April, arrived in Canberra our new place to live on 21 April.  Did not plan to buy house for little while, but 3 days later driving past one decided to have a look.  Well it had everything we wanted, so after a bit of tooing and froing made and offer, accepted and we move in on 10 June. We are currently living in daughters investment property, bit tight, we moved from large 5 bed 4 bath to 3 bed 2 bath so there are at least 70 cartons in the garage. I have now finished the outstanding blocks I owed to two people and can say with a clear conscience I AM BACK.

Love to hear from you all.

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  1. Packing up gives you a chance to clean out unwanted "things".. so that's always good. Let me know your new address! Cheers :)