Monday, November 8, 2010

November Swaps on Their Way!!!

I have finished my three swaps for Canada and will post them today.  I thought I had better get them off early as they are all going overseas. I made the star block twice as I got a little carried away.

I am off the Sydney for a few days this week, so that was another reason to get going early.
Xmas is certainly creeping up fast, actually not creeping running, we had two Xmas parties on the weekend and more to come.
I have all the fruit soaking for my Xmas cake and Xmas pudding, left it a little late but sure will taste good anyway.
As you can see I have added a UFO list to the bottom of my blog, I am sure when I tidy up my craft room a lot more will be added to it.  That is if I am completely honest.


  1. Your blocks are fantastic. I am sure your swap partners will be thrilled.

  2. lovely - really like the non-christmasy one - what is the block pattern called? it is very modern looking